S** life

Me and my boyfriend have a great s** life but i find it hard to c**...

He's really good when it comes to s**, oral etc but i find it hard to c** but so enjoyable.

Is there something wrong with me?
Can you give us some tips please?
I don't like faking o******.

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  • I've only had one lover, my wife of 37 years now. She's very passive and I've initiated most all of the s** through the years. I'm average size and probably average on performance but I've always made it my task of making her c** first. She c**'s better than a s** star every time and I'm reserved to take the credit myself. I could never c** without her and be gratified myself. I've always wondered how she would c** if she had s** with one of these "big d***" s** specialist commentators on this website. I guess I would loose her for sure. S** is some variation of a head game and happenstance. As this website clearly demonstrates, the conditional parameters in our lives are endlessly different and even our own expectations of s** and life are elusive and ever changing. Be the best you can be today.

  • have him or yourself rub your c*** while yall are making love, always try NEW positions. why dont you m*********, and then when you make yourself c**, youll know what you like and you can get him to do that for you

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