Rape fetish

I am a young defenseless girl, pick me up drag me away, tie me up, I'll squirm and moan, cry, and beg but ur gonna force me.

Roleplay of rape, and I will be soo h****, lots of detail, don't punch me, but tell me who's boss, these DDs don't get hard for just anyone.

I feel bad but I can't stop that h**** piece of me that begs for you to take me.

Jul 23, 2012

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  • Honey, be careful. Some people can't tell the difference between fantasy and real life. Do this sort of thing with someone you know and trust. Please don't contact anyone giving you their email on here. Please. Look into BDSM too. Best wishes and good luck.

  • When I was 13 mom and I had a talk and she told me if a guy was going to have his way with me and to keep from being beaten go along with him and it soon would be over then you can press charges against him Well when I was walking home from school one day I took a short cut thru the woods I was 16 at the time and 5 Hispanics met me and one guy thru me to the ground and I did what mom said even tho I did put up a fight but my clothes was ripped from my body and all 5 had their way with me f****** my puss and my ass one guy was going to make me suck him off and I told him you put it in my mouth I'll bite it off and he hit me hard knocking me out but they kept f****** me over and over.
    I was knocked unconscious four times I know of and I was still beaten despite what mom had said and was forced to have s** with them and to keep from being beaten more I went along with them soon it was 11 guys for someone had called some of their friends and they joined in. It didn't take to long till I was enjoying having s** with them and if more had showed up I would have taken them on to. I had so much c** in my puss and my ass and I'll admit I loved getting f***** in my ass and still do to this day. One guy I remember had this humungous c*** I thought would never get into me boy was I ever wrong and when he once got into me and started in f****** me like a wild animal I wrapped my legs around his back holding me to him and he started in kissing my mouth and b****** and I became his. Soon it was all over with after being f***** like 25 times or more I layed there trying to catch my breath and the one guy whom I liked stayed with me and talked to me for nearly 2 hours giving me his shirt to wear and walked me to the edge of the woods and he was nice telling me he was just caught up in the moment and went along with the gang and he f***** me once more before letting me go home.

  • This made me c** hard

  • I would love yo get those DD's hard and f*** you hard

  • You just like to be man handled.You like to be punished in that way I guess.

  • i am a 25 yr old woman and i have had the same fantasies since i was around 16. i have never really had the chance to act out my fantasy until recently when my husband has become more aggressive while having s**! so if you get the chance do it but make sure it is a controlled situation where if it gets too intense you can stop it because acting out a fantasy and actually being raped are two TOTALLY different situations! good luck!

  • "I'm 13 and want to rape some of the school girls" lol wtf

  • i'm a girl, 17 years old and have the same fantasies...

  • Would love to

  • im a guy and will help you if you want. i too think the same, i can offer to take care of this fantasy and give great s**. you would love it.

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