Lonely and h****

Maybe this should be a relationship confession because loneliness is a big part of this. I am a middle aged man who has not had s** in 4 years since my last relation ship failed. I am afriad I am going have s** with a prostitute. I could go and sleep with someone I do not love or care for if I try but I feel that is wrong and hurtful. I also am worried about hurting a prostitute, and wonder if they are just doing this out of desperate circumstances. I don't want to hurt a vulnerable person. I hear that many prostitutes hate men. That would be hard to bear when I am trying to find love, in the wrong place obviously. I just want some relief from sorrow.

Jul 23, 2012

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  • You seem to be a very sensitive and caring person. However you must remember that your own health (mental and physical) hinges upon taking care of yourself in every way. Taking advantage of the services of a prostitute helps to relieve your physical needs but it can never replace your emotional needs. Only a caring relationship can do that.

    I lost my wife of nearly forty years to a terrible disease. After a couple of years my desires became unbearable. I wanted to try another relationship but old age (I am nearly seventy) and certain medications have rendered me nearly impotent. After several failed attempts because of poor sexual performance I gave up on finding a long term relationship.

    Now I regularly tempt fate and the long arm of the law and visit professionals who understand and who really don't care about my physical short comings. For them it is merely a service rendered not unlike a haircut or a manicure. For my emotional needs I now seek other outlets and offer my love and attention to surrogate family members I have taken to heart.

    Yes there is always the possibility that these women may have been coerced in some way to performing in this profession. That is purely because it is illegal and the criminal element is in control for the most part. That is the fault of our society with its stern "my way or the highway" attitudes.

    In many older societies prostitutes, concubines, consorts, or what ever you called them were often respected and revered. It is only in the Western Judeo/Christian world that it has been relegated to the classification of sin. Many feminists try to say that they are being exploited as women yet of all of the ones that I have known most of them have chosen to be in this business and are very much in charge of their own lives.

    I suggest that you simply treat any prostitutes you may encounter with courtesy and respect and show honest appreciation for what she does for you. You may be very surprised at how she responds

  • I am speaking from experience. My life started to turn around after I started taking care of my most primal urges. I was in the same boat. My confidence shot up and I now have a woman who loves me and s** isn't an issue anymore. I say don't listen to what society, friends, or family when deciding this stuff. You've been conditioned by society. There is nothing wrong with sleeping with a prostitude. She's making money and some of them do enjoy there job. If you find one that does you will enjoy it too.

  • If you sleep with a prostitute, not only are you hurting her, you are hurting yourself by going against your own better judgement.
    Don't be afraid to start up a new relationship. S** will eventually come.

  • You should try masturbation.
    You sound like a w*****.

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