12 year old in panties

I am a straight 12 year old boy and i like to wear panties. its a thing i have i dont know why i like them so much. i am currently wearing a pair that i stole from one of my best friends. i also use tampons and pads. i steal panties, pads and tampons whenever i can. i also want to have s** with a girl in my class really bad. me and her are best friends. ive tried stealing her panties too. are there any others who like to do this.

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  • Soooo has w orked out?

  • Can i please gag myself now?...

  • You might not want to hear this, but I know the answer. You're after women. After the first time you have s**, you should be fine.

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  • How do you use tampons bro?

  • lol really

  • yes and it feels great

  • dont rage and start hating but you stick them in your butt.

  • Sorry I can't think of anyone who has done this but, I everyone has there little fetishes. That's what that is and its ok.We all have our fetishes. It's ok don't worry about it. Let the girl that you want to f*** know that you think she is gourgous and complement her and have her come to your house alone and try and make a move. It will work.

  • Don't forget to remove the tampons first. Hers before s** and yours before she sees it or there will be no s**.

  • thanks and she is good looking

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