Was I raped?

I have been very sexually active as a kid, I knew what s** was age 4 and I masturbated in the bath, I think I might of been raped at a really young age or something like that. I have seen both my Dad naked before but I don't remeber when (I was very young) He didn't try covering up either (That's all I can remember). my mum also use to put v***** cream on me, I don't know why but she did. My Dad also is abusive and when I lived with him he would beat me. I also sexually experimented as a child. I was about 5 at the time and I remember sitting in the closet with a friend of my dads friends son and I remember he pulled down his pants and his p**** was hard and we "Touched" each other. I am now 12 and I am very sexually active! Like VERY! I hope I never act on it! Was I molested or raped? I am confused? Please comment!

Jul 24, 2012

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  • You may have been the victim of gentle fondling and oral. This leaves no physical scars but it does create issues later in life. My father did this to me when I was younger than five. I'm a man and I still remember what he did and the memory is not a good one.

  • Children experiment...you show me yours and I'll show you mine sort of thing.Some families are very liberal in terms of walking around the house naked,each to their own.If you don't remember being raped then you probably wasn't.My wife rubs cream into my daughters privates if she is sore.I think you may be jumping the gun so to speak.Get on with your life and enjoy your childhood.Children wan't to grow up too fast these days.Experimenting with s** at your age isn't such a great idea,you may think that your body is maturing,however emotionally you are still a child.....take care and live life.

  • Think VERY carefully before saying words like rape and molested without really knowing anything.
    If you say those words to minister, teacher or Principal there is a very good chance they will call the Police or child welfare and it will be viewed as you WERE molested and lives will be ruined.
    How old are you? Hormones can overwhelm your body as you're entering teen years. Thoughts of s** can be tied to a lot of things like body image, desire to be viewed as an adult, bullying.
    If you really KNOW you were molested you should speak to a responsible adult. Speculating to explain an emotion and making accusations is really dangerous.
    In terms of your mom and cream, have you considered it is more likely you didn't wipe correctly after peeing and got a rash?

  • I was masturbating by age 6 because it felt good, but nothing ever came out at that age, and played "Show me mine, show me yours" with a couple of girls on my block. when I started to show c**, these girls, just as young as me, were also curious, and allowed me to insert into them. We never did any actual "S*******" because we were afraid of one getting pregnant so we masturbated each other. We were 11 and 12 at the time.

    My parents were good parents, as were the girls parents; however, were curious, and had access to playboys and playgirls.

    I would say you are normal, but stay away from intercourse, as you do not want issues down the road. Masturbation is fine, as is mutual masturbation. Trust me, a guy will be fine with that.

  • It certainly sounds like something happened when you were young. But it may have been you accidentally watched a lot of p*** (Dad left the computer on, or Dvd player on) or something like that.

    You need to go and tell someone you very much trust about this. A minister, a teacher, a principal,an aunt..... You need to talk about this with a doctor or something. Good luck.

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