Pregnant....hormones......enough said

Abuot 2 months after i found out i was pregnant my husband stoped wanting to have s** with me. i tried to get him to but he refused. so when a neighbor man told me he thinks pregnant women are so f****** sexy i said f****** show me. and he did. and he has been showing me every day for the last 7 weeks. a woman needs what a woman needs and my husband cant blame me now he could of had it but he gave it up. i love pregnant s**.

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  • F*** this made my d*** tingle mmm

  • Your husbands a fool , now this other guys f****** your brains out and your loving every minute of it, if I was you I would consider having this guy f*** you after the baby is born, or maybe you've thought about that already, and f****** a pregnant woman is so f****** sexy.

  • omg lucky guy! prego ladies are the best! so tight and h**** as h***..alwas wanted to be with one..knowing shes naughty and h****..gets me hard reading this. email me.

  • im actually the lucky one. the neighbor man knows how hormonal i am and how crazed i get for having something hot and thick and long stuffed all up in me and pressing against the baby and he is totally totally giving it to me. my s***-for-brains husband is missing out on some of the best s** ever but im actually glad i found this new guy. i cant say im falling in love with him but im totaly falling in love with his d*** and the way he uses that f****** thing. s***!!

  • Good for you. I'm glad you aren't experiencing any guilt over it either.

  • i felt the same and it was fabulous s** to have with someone not the father. im glad you found it.

  • I've also fantasized about this. I've asked some married men and they love it. It feels much different according to them.

  • that's what my boyfriend says too. he loves that feel of tigtness and pressure up at the end and he loves knowing that its my husbands baby inside and im still giving it up to him. he says it makes me even sexier being pregnant AND cheating. i know it can only last for alittle while longer but im enjoying it every day while it lasts.

  • Pregnant s** with men who aren't the father of your baby is the absolute best because it's the absolute nastiest. You f****** GO, girl!!!

  • jesus you are realy unbelievably trashy! i think you and your neighbor both live in trailers. am i right?

  • i love pregnant women let me f*** you

  • i swear to god the way i feel now and loving pregnant s** as much as i am, i realy think if any man who was even a little good looking came up to me and said what you just said i would f*** him. not just f*** him but f*** him over and over and f*** his g****** brains out. i have even fantasized about starting lots of pregnant affairs with a lot of different men because that would be so hot and exciting and it might even come close to satisfying all these dirty urges i have. one thing thats different now is that i used to not like a*** s** very much at all but now i cant get enough. i just love the way it feels to have a man deep deep up inside me f****** me in my ass. GOD i so love that!

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