I have been texting a guy friend all night and he works with my bf i dont know him very well and i am afraid he will tell my bf or show him texts that i sent him... i am feeling very guilty and nervous. i hate it.

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  • I think I can understand I've texted with guys flirting with me before, it feels nice to know guys find you attractive. Really though, you should have a discussion with him and tell him you're feeling guilty now. Or first ask him if you can trust him and then tell him you're feeling guilty. Really it's all up to him. But try to not flirt txt anymore to avoid this problem in the future. Unless you want to break up with your boyfriend.

  • if u start f****** him then hes got nothing to tell ur bf that dont incriminate himself. plus that way u get both d**** whenver u want. dont u want 2 d**** like very girl? no? u want 3?

  • don't flirt with your boyfriends friends then, you dumb w****.

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