Eminem...2nd confession.

I just posted a confession bout how Eminem's rapping turns me on. I think I figured out why..I like his anger. Anyone ever heard "Kim" by Eminem? I love that song so much. Its raw emotion. Idk..his skills and anger and voice just turns me on. I feel kind of embarrassed by it for some reason..

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  • Eminem is the greatest rapper alive.

  • When I listened to "Kim", the raw emotion was just… overwhelming! I actually scared me a little, and that's weird, because I've never really been scared by a song before.

  • OMG I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE is voice and all the emotion I can seriously finger myself to it its just so hot

  • Yayyy i feel a lot better haha seriously!
    I thought i was just weird xD


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