Mother in law makes me the h*******.

I had l*** for my mother in law after seeing her t*** several times and now that I've seen her p**** I want her even more. I've played with her panties, found her vibrator and imagine her with it. I peek in on her and play with myself whenever I get lucky enough to catch her changing. Wish I could get her drunk enough to let me taste her.

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  • My 69 year old mother in law is easily the h******* woman I have ever known. After almost 50 years of marriage she has now been widowed 5 years. I had lusted after her for years and finally made my move about three months ago. It took lots of dirty talk on the phone and via text. But she finally relented to her h**** side. I am now amazed at how she likes to talk about her "c***". Though she had only ever had s** with her husband, she said she always loved getting f***** and had really missed it. She hadn't realized it, but we discovered that she has a very sensitive G spot. For some reason she is most comfortable standing up against me in her kitchen while I finger her G spot. She has 3 or 4 good o****** before she has to sit down and take a break. We have 4 or 5 of these rounds of o****** every time we can get together. And we also discovered she squirts a lot of sweet p**** juice when her G spot is rubbed. Usually by the 3rd or 4th round of o****** she is literally dripping on the floor. And I can assure you it is p**** juice, not pee. I drink up as much of it as I can lick off my fingers. Hard to believe a 69 year old woman can still get so juicy. And she also has the tightest p**** I have ever experienced. Too tight for me to use more than two fingers when I rub on her G spot. She says maybe because she had her two kids when she was still pretty young. Both by the time she was 21. Maybe her p**** was still young enough to tighten back up really good. When we f*** she doesn't want me to pull out of her after I c**. She just loves to feel a c*** up inside her. And she lives only a couple of blocks away. S***, how lucky am I?

  • If any of you gents ever saw my mother-in-law you would never want to f*** anybody who was a mother-in-law ever again, and you'd be as nauseated by the thought as I am. Yeccccch!!!! (shiver)

  • I did that to mine, got her drunk, and then we shagged like mad animals all night. Next morning, tho, she woke up, blamed me for taking advantage of her and now won't even be in the same room with me unless there are other family there. She refers to me privately as a filthy beast and a rapist. I'm not worried, tho: she hasn't told her daughter, and I know she won't, because she knows she wanted it as badly as I did. I don't feel guilty at all, but it's killing her, and I guess that's my revenge for her pretense that I don't exist and for her not giving me anymore of that old puss.

  • f****** the mother-in-law (or the father-in-law) is pretty common in my family...we're nudists and nobody really pays attention to it.

  • i have thoughts of the same nature about my m-i-l. shes kinda nasty and i secretly love that about her. shes out partying and drinking all the time and has been married several times and i have always assumed that she cheats on all her men so i fantasize all the time that she would take me on as one of her lovers. god f****** damn how I want this f****** woman!!!!

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