I am the babysitter from h***.........

.........and by the end of next year i am so totally going to blow up the mariage of the coupple i work for and have the husband for myself and be the mother of the children because they already love me moer than they love their actual mom and because i love the father and i am sure hes going to love me and i think he might already love me now. they just dont know it yet but their mariage is already over and im going to make sure of it because he should be with me anyways and not that b****. people think im nice and sweet but they dont know how bad i can be but they will.

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  • My friend Katie pulled this off. Sat for a neuro doctor and his wife, who had 2 young kids. Katie is a beautiful, sexy redhead with a killer smile, whereas the wife was..Not. Was only a matter of time before the doctor started fkng Katie on the side, including paying for her car.

    What the doctor didn't know, however, was that Katie was trolling for men with money, and took care of other guy's (who had money) kids along with his own. She was playing a game of let's see who'll take care of me, and, ended up with the neuro. She still looks hot as h***, but, I'd also guess..Has other guys all around.

  • Pimal instincts is what is to blame for this. back in caveman days women would seek out older mates to ensure they'd be taken care of, what with skills and experience. and guys back in those days sought out younger women to ensure fertility and a bigger chance of offspring. in this day and age its rather frowned upon, what with younger girls (not sure how young you are, but the human brain is only fully functional and developed around the age of 25) being so impressionable and easily manipulated.
    breaking up a marriage isnt ethical. if they are going to seperate or divorce or whatever then let it be on their own terms. nothing immasculates a man like ruining his life. and you think after you drop the bomb he's going to come running to you, and love you and you'll live happily ever after?? no, hun, im sorry to put this to you bluntly, but all you are is the piece of ass on the side. if you do this all your going to get is unemployment and some nasty looks from anyone who knows what you tried to pull off. and that man will HATE you. he'll most likely try to patch things up with his wife, he may even deny sleeping with you.
    The kids would most likely go with the mother, if they DID seperate. unless theres reason(s) that makes her an unfit mother (ei.abuse, neglect, drug use). the kids "liking you better" isnt going to make a difference in court.
    If this is something you decide to do, dont be suprised when it blows up in your face. and if it doesnt, and its a happy ending (doubtful) then do you really think he'll stay faithful to YOU?? probably not. a CHEATAH never changes his spots, lol. god im funny, good luck homewrecker!!

  • mental defective

  • I love how dirty you are and particularly for the age you are. I wish you lived close to me. I would be your boyfriend and still let you date the husband if you still wanted. That way people would think you were just a normal girl and normal babysitter with a boyfriend and a normal job but you could be hooking up with the father of the children you babysit and doing him just like whenever we were out on a date. I totally would be cool with it as long as you liked him and he was good to you like he seems to be now. I also think its cool that you are so mature that you are like already dating a adult and able to keep everybody cool. I think you are soooooooooooo great! I wish I knew you in person.

  • what a sick sick sick f*** u r

  • I don't care how many times you've f***** the husband, it doesn't mean he's going to leave his wife for you or let you raise his kids. Wake up. Grow up. He's using you for the p****. And you're letting him do it.

  • how big is your trailer?

  • I honestly don't care what these other people say or what they think. What you're doing is so totally hot and so totally beautiful and so totally loving that there cant't possibly be anything wrong with it. What you're doing is all about love and there's nothing wrong with that. Thank you for being honest and open about finding a relationship that you want and a family that you can make happy and children that you can love and a man that you can completely satisfy in every conceivable way. My only suggestion is that, if you aren't already on the husband, you need to get on him right away. As soon as possible. Ignore these fools here that tell you to quit doing what you're doing. You actually need to be even more aggressive than you're being. You love the husband, don't you? You want to get with him, don't you? If you aren't already doing him, DO HIM.

  • try and think how youd feel if some other girl maybe even younger than you came into your home and wrecked your family and took your dad away and tried to pretend to be your mom how would that make you feel?

  • H*** isn't where you're from, dear. It's where you're going.

  • These people take you into their home, trust you with their children, pay you money to watch them, and to show your gratitude you're going to "blow up" their family? You aren't selfish, you aren't a w****, you aren't trash: you're psychotic. But you don't need professional help for that, no: you need to be institutionalized. Today.

  • haha...you will wind up a lonely girl, and he will be in jail

  • Wow. This is what I heard: Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me. Go for it and see how long a man who would leave his wife for the bloddy nanny lasts

  • You hit it right on the ugly little head.

  • w****...........W****


  • so much b.s.........

  • I agree with you...the husband would be happier with you...some wives are just c****!

  • here too......the wife sounds like shes got a serious attitude prob........

  • You're trash, just real garbage, and you're stupid, and you're a w****, and you need to stop what you're doing before you start hurting all these innocent people. You've probably even misunderstood what the husband wants, but you certainly aren't a replacement for the mother of those children and they don't love you more than their own mother!!! How could you possibly think that?? STOP NOW!

  • Trailer white trash

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