My girlfriend is a s*** HELP!!

I honestly thought it would be cool to have a g/f who likes p*** and s** as much as a regular guy. She's so much like me we can literally tell the other what he/she was thinking and be correct about it. Things were going good until i started finding out about her s** life and her partners. she's bi and she's been in 3 threesomes all including 2 guys and her. She's had sexual experimentation with ALL her female friends.

At first i thought this was the greatest thing that happened to a guy u know?? Like that was when she was younger and now she's settled down..but when she told me she stays in contact with some of them and all her female friends i can't help but be paranoid she might be cheating. She talks about the times she's had s** like it was nothing. She even went as far as to tell me that both of us can have a freebie in our relationship.

To the single guys reading she is a gift from god BUT IM LOSING MY F***** MIND. Maybe this is my punishment for watching p*** all those times and wanting a girl like the ones i've seen in the videos. f*** my life...

Jul 30, 2012

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  • Lol she said you both get a freebie cause she has used hers up already

  • S** and love are two different things, and it sounds like the girl you have may never be able to have s** with just one person (without being unhappy) but that doesn't mean she can't love just one person.

    It isn't for everybody but there are plenty of swinging couples out there with good relationships.

  • You got what you asked for. No sympathy from me.

  • I'd plow that b**** like a corn field, then pitb.

  • poor baby

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