Wife was raped

This weekend after my wife and I returned from an evening at the bar she was in the mood to keep enjoying the night and I was tired from working all day. We had a small argument about it and I told her I was going to bed.

She stayed up and heard the neighbors next door having a party and I heard her leave.

Next thing, she comes in several hours later saying that "he raped me". She had passed out on the neighbor's couch (her girlfriend and her guy roomates live in the house). While she was asleep one of the guys came in and picked her up taking her to her room. She was so drunk and out of it that she thought it was me having s** with her. When she started to make out his face and saw that it was someone else she freaked out and started kicking and hitting him to get off. He held her down and told her he was going to finish. She kept fighting and he pulled a knife on her. Told her that if she told anyone he would kill her.

When she told me I went nuts and went to the guy's house. I banged on the door screaming at him. He didn't come out.

My wife will not press charges, she feels like it would be too hard to prove and that she doesn't want to be known throughout the neighborhood as a drunken w****. She even spoke to a detective about it and he told her it would be a long difficult road to get him convicted. I am a very well known business person in the community so me going over there and fighting him or doing anything illegal would end in my life being ruined.

Our marriage is falling apart. We haven't had s** since, who knows if he gave her something. Who knows if she would have flashbacks while we are having s**.

She has fallen into a deep depression and our world is falling apart. The a****** lives right next door and there is nothing we can do about it. We are in our dream home but due to some financial stuff last year I would not be able to get a loan to move somewhere else.

The rage I have for the guy grows daily but I know that anything done to him will be traced right back to me. She is losing her job because she is too depressed to go into work, which leaves her at the house to go through a living h*** of her own as the guy drives by.

Jul 31, 2012

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  • Sorry but if she was raped there were plenty around. She didn’t even cry out. I have two daughters god help any man who disrespects them. Your wife, walk away

  • You are assuming your wife was raped. Was she? Or is her guilt from her behavior the cause of this situation? You are telling me that she could not walk home which is next door? She drank so much that she had to crash at the house? Why would a married woman insist on going to a party while her husband sat at home? Guy your issue is not a "rape" or being a p**** like the previous post are claiming. Your issue is your wife's guilt. You both need to go to a competent therapist. Bty all the s*** advise on this page about kicking ass and taking care of business with the alleged rapist is BS. Do you really want to risk sitting in a prison cage over a potential situation that may or may not be what you think it is?

  • Funky that your a b**** and deserve to have your life fall apart if she was my wife he would of been dead that night and your wife is falling apart cause you can even defend her and let ppl just rape her and say Im a business man , well get to business man , your wife is falling apart cause this guy who lives next door and all your doing is just watching as loved one are harmed you deserve to lose everything , a husband is not only the provider but also the protectors
    Of our loved ones,

  • Really, my wife says that I walk. I would die to defend my family,meshes not family, she’s a ho

  • I would have my pit bully butt f*** that mother F***** while my wife watches or ll cool j that mf like in the movie in to deep and tie him to a pool table with the blunt end of the que

  • I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Believe it or not she wanted it

  • Cant believe you was too much of a b**** to fight him the day he stepped out his house...but more than likely she willingly spread her legs, probably got on top for a bit

  • I was raped b4 3 times

  • Idk if she was raped or not, and neither do you. I guess I’d never let my gf let alone wife go hammered drunk into that situation. JUs sayin. That being said, if you believe her then what you’re doin in wrong. I’d go Dexter. Sheets of plastic.

  • Sounds like you are too worried about your status position in society than your honor or wife. Your wife likely is a drunken white and you are a p****. Enjoy your societal status. Keep up the show and enjoy the results

  • Your story got me hard. You should consider cross-posting it to a s** story site

  • Ya ur a b**** no wonder why your wife is depressed go kick that mans ass and then f*** him show him what he did to ur wife an eye for eye

  • You guys are kidding, right? Murder is 25 TO LIFE. NOT 2-5 YEARS. STUDY THE LAW.

  • For a white man it can be nothing

  • Doesn’t it get tired being a victim of everything?

  • Ps from my previous comment: I would happily commit gennocide, clean half of the world right off to avenge or help my wife. And u are scared of 2 to 5 years of prison.

  • So basically u are a coward that would rather have the guy who raped and defiled ur wife be laugthing at ur face than simply kill him and do 2 to 5 years in prison? u deserve to be left, weakling trash.

  • Tell her the only way you can both get over it is if you get to watch them have s** again. She can invite him over and tell him you’re out of town for the weekend. Have her do him where you can watch, in hiding or on webcam and make sure you record it on video. Make sure you can hear what they say while they’re doing it. If she can get him to say he’s glad he raped her then you’ll know she was telling the truth and you’ll have his confession if you decide to use it.
    You’ll be turned on from watching your wife f*** and she’ll snap out of her depression. Your s** life will be better than ever.

  • Rape is rape. The marriage can always be saved. Get a counselor to help get her control back. There are therapists that can help you to the point where she'll be willing to have s** again. And know that this man can be called out and identified on social media. My prayers are with you and my prayers are very strong, always being answered. Never leave her no matter what. Fo not let the rapist win. The most powerful prayer you can also have for the marriage is asked Jesus to make it right in your spirit and her spirit. He will avenge you and restore her.

  • F** therapist hence, the rapist (therapist)(the rapist)

  • My wife told me that burglars broke into her office when only she and her boss were in, made them undress to their underwear and locked them up in a meeting room.

  • My wife passed drunk out at a party years ago. Guy who owned the house and his buddies f***** her. She woke up in his bed the next day naked and sore. She sat down and told me a few weeks later.
    I told her if she didn't want to get f***** by strange guys not to get drunk and pass out at a party.

    Lesson learned.

  • She wasn’t raped dude. She was drunk and cheated on you.

  • People like you make it easy for these animals to get away with what they did.

  • People like you make it okay for there to be a double standard and her to get away with whatever she wants. You get in a car and kill a family of 5 it is your fault if you go next door and act like a w**** it is your fault.

  • She lives next door but didn't walk home to sleep with her husband

  • My wife is muslim and got raped by black gang in chicago. the catch was as they took turns with her they made her ride them

  • Has she been back to them?

  • Which one was the daddy of the baby

  • Did she enjoy it?

  • Ive been there. Life carries on, at the end of the day s** happens! If the person youre close to has s** with someone else then it was either A/Drunk B/ An experiment or C/Theyre unhappy in the present arrangement!
    Examine yr life and wants! x

  • Get over it, she got f*****, I hope she enjoyed it, tell her not to go to party's without you unless she wants to get f***** by a friend or stranger.
    And if you let her go to party's without you, where there will be alcohol or drugs don't b**** when she comes home full of c** from one or more guys.

  • Exactly. This is precisely why it’s hard to call it rape. Nobody knows. Usually isn’t in fact. Just drunk ppl making bad choices. Well that’s the oldest story on earth.

  • Until it happens to you you'll never understand how awful s*** shaming is.

  • I agree but she was wrong to go in the first place alone, Marriage is about partnerships and being with each other if you can't do that stay single plain and simple.

  • It was my husband who raped me on January 30th 2013, as I pleaded with him that s** did not have to be in anger, we could talk about why the last 31 years happened the way they had. Why his own defiance in the community kept me from having a s** life in our marriage.< about how his own depression and lack of cooperation let him lose his immune system that caused his own body to let him aquire MRSA in his spine. That the last 31 years of defiance caused him to not take a vacation or time off work was his own fault for not trying to work out times with other5s and maybe he would have liked the time in mid winter we tried to get him to take. And use his personal time to replace the holidays we had to make him work.

    I said I had promised his father that evening to go to a dinner event with him, my husbands mother and his fathers best friend, (A City County official). I Pleaded with him to just pick a place in four hours to meet with us where we could work out a timetable and conditions that would allow him into things he had been left out of.

    The rape was not simply about s**, It was a part of his revolt of the last 12 years He had left people badly hurt, families ruined, Even our church deacons Suicide was attributed to my husband for the very public way he discredited him in Front of his wife and congregation on Christmas day 2003 when my husband left pictures of him going into a motel with another woman on his Church secretary wife's chair when he put a slug gun under his chin and pushed the Trigger two years later. He had been removed from his church position. He had not seen his three children in three years, He was drinking and using crack band he had his last disciplinary layoff of thirty days in October and he was going to be terminated that Christmas down week. The way my husband ruined his life for making my husband work the 23 Christmas in a row since our wedding was in my and his fathers estimation uncalled for.

  • Wtf

  • Dont drink alcohol

  • I'm sorry but part of her story doesn't add up. This guy is having s** with your wife and she starts to struggle. OK. He Pulls Out a Knife???
    From where? He's on top and busy having s** - so did he get off then get the knife? Did he say just a minute, then pull a knife from his pockets either around his ankles or on the floor, open the knife - then say where were we?
    My point is How did he suddenly have a knife.
    I think your wife had regrets AFTER she had drunken s** and made her story fit her being a victim instead of a cheat.

  • Bro he raped your wife. he was inside her... a place where only you have the right to be in he used your wife like an object for pleasure. make him pay... whether it be physically, emotionally or mentally. you could confront him and have him say sorry to your wife or just a way to catch him alone and beat the s*** out of him because honestly having your wife raped is something no man should go through.

  • This is rape and nothing else. she may have been drinking but was passed out and unable to consent to anything when he took into another room to rape her. she came to enough to realize what was happening and said stop and tried kicking him and he pulled out a knife threatened her and finished. he is a scumbag and needs to be off the streets so he can't do this to someone else. Press charges against him and then sue his ass off for "lack of consortion" meaning his actions prevent you from being intimate with your wife. Be there for her and always reassure her it wasn't her fault.

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