Just plain f***** up.

Wow, im suchu a******... ive been through alot for the past 2 years now. i break up with my girlfriend. my cousin dies. a friend of mine dies. my aunty dies! my best friend turnes into an enemy... the people in my lfe are just slowly drifting away from me... i dont hate my life or anything, im just sad.

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  • Indeed, cling to the good. I went through some VERY similar s*** these last two years also... took a long time for me to not feel like crap, but it happened. I just concentrated on what kinds of things made me feel good, no matter what else was going on, and eventually everything else just stopped hurting as much.
    Life changes sometimes, its inevitable, you just have to roll with the punches and accept that things can only change for the better if you really put your mind to it!

  • Sorry to hear that. Life is tough but there's always something to cheer you up. Start trying to do what makes you happy no matter how simple it may be. Things will look up!

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