I don't know how to ride a p****

I rode a guy once and he never called me again. He seemed bored and asked if I was done. Then my now ex boyfriend always wanted me to ride him, I tried once and he didn't like it. I love to suck his d*** and he loved it. We had s** in other ways, doggy, missionary... and he would always say how great the s** is with us. But the fact that Im horrible at riding d*** bothers me and I wonder if he got bored and if that's why he left me. I really want to ride a guy so bad I fantasize about it, but I'm afraid the next guy I date will think I'm awful at it too. I've read advice online and they suggested I watch p*** to learn, but I still can't seem to please a guy when I try.

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  • I am not sure how a woman can not be good at riding a d***. Just get into and grind, go wild. It' just some of the best s** I ever had though I have not been with many women. You may not be the problem. Maybe buddy couldn't keep it up and was just embarrassed.

  • The stupid idiot didn't know what he was doing. Men have absolutely no patience!

    He doesn't deserve you. A man with patience and understanding are the best! If he can't wait, give him the finger and leave!

    Now riding. Depends how you want to ride.

    If you are on the bed, have him lay flat on his back, both of his legs closed. Your best bet is to squat and insert his d*** between your legs. Use your legs to control your butt and your pelvis. Squat up and down. This is the best way to ride a man on the bed. He will have a full frontal view of you and will love it. You can ride reverse cowgirl position with you facing backwards. Same thing. I find the squat to be much better for riding because it gives me better leverage, better moving ability, and deeper thrust.

    2nd, use a chair or even toilet seat. Make sure both of your feet are planted firmly to the floor. Wear heels if you must. The chair is great for riding! I have full control of my legs and hips. It's less painful than squatting on the bed. Your legs start to tire after squatting on the bed for too long. Chair is the best bet. Definitely the toilet will work!

    Good luck!

  • Try gyrating your hips in a circle around his p****. You should also gently rock back and forth and pull out a little bit each time, then push him farther and farther inside you. Squeeze the muscles in your v***** rhythmically while riding him. He should love it.

  • some chicks just can't ride....you are one of them

  • 1. Find a man who will work with you. Patience is a must. Tell him you are bad at riding, but if he guides you, you'll get better.

    If he is worth anything he will help you. If for no other reason than it benefits him too.

    2. Get a d**** that you can mount or attach to the floor. Ride it. Concentrate on pleasuring yourself. If you are a moaner or pretend to be it might help. In my experience men, me included, become excited when women are obviously enjoying the s**.

    Good Luck and practice often.

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