Inverted nipples

I have inverted nipples and ive never even told anyone except my mom and i wont even take my shirt off in front of my bf so does anyone know what i can do to get over being so embarassed or how i could tell my bf



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  • I have them too! And my boyfriend says their perfect. He actually likes them because he says they are smoother!

  • go to the plastic surgeon, or, have you tried a mini plunger?

    good luck!

  • Inverted nipples are my speciality
    Let me suck them out.

  • He wont care, h*** just be thrilled

  • I have them too!
    A lot of girls actually do, its just something you learn to live with, some guys think its hot. =]

  • well thats not good

  • Its normal dont be embarrassed. Treat your bf as the weird one if he thinks its abnormal.

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