Of s** and love

I met a girl on a festival that seemed to be a lot into me and those feelings were mutual. We've been seeing each other a lot afterwards.

Alright, so during the festival I could barely get my p**** hard. It's been a while since I had s** before on the festival, and I only managed to get it up a few times and even then, it wouldn't last very long before it just ... gave up?

I want to satisfy her but I feel I can't.

Also, now it seems she's not half as into me as I am to her.

It's also becoming way more boring when we we're together than it used to be. We have only been dating for 3-4 months but the spark seems to be fading already.

I really, really want this to continue but I don't know what to do.

Pardon my flawed English

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  • "I recommend chillin out, mostly or completely sober."

    This means the next few times you hang out with her. This does not mean chill out mostly or completely sober all the time. Just don't do that mali more than once every 2 months, or once every 4 months if you're a youngster

  • it's from the mali. seriously. Shrooms will do it too but not as much. If it gives you energy to dance all night, it makes you a softie. It will wear off, but uppers (even if you don;t consider it an upper) last a few days sort of "in the background." That's why raver wear festive clothes when they aren't doing their thang. G-rated physical contact will do more for you then you think, so instead of like :OK it's hookup time go!" just be touching skin like elbow to a knee for a while. It won't make you nervous but it will make you libido active. THen it will just happen more organically throughout the night.

    Also Yohimbe bark will help if you use a VERY SMALL amount, like a teaspoons at most for a pot of tea and early in the afternoon. It will make you jittery and very high pulse rate and feel gacked out/uncomfortqable if you take much more. Also, it can kill you if your heart muscle is a suck.

    I recommend chillin out, mostly or completely sober. like maybe 1 or 2 beer if you gotta. If you feel it gettin softie, hold the condom down snug at the base of your woo-ya, and pull on the reservoir tip a little. Don't pinch it with your fingernails dumbass. don't gotta pull hard, but hold it stretched for a little, you'll get a booster.

    -s**, drugs, and something else!

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