Should I have s** with him?

I'll be turning 17 by the end of the year and will be going to College by September. I have a boyfriend whom I love so much. We've been dating for over a year now and we live in different cities. He comes to see me from time to time, he's really older than I am but I don't see that as a barrier because he respects me, treats me like a Queen and supports me. He is the most wonderful guy I've ever known. I'm a virgin and he's been patient with me. Lately he's been telling me how he really wants to have s** with me. I understand he has sexual desires and he's sexually active so its harder for him to suppress his urge. A few days ago when he came to visit me I gave him the first oral s** and he was very appreciative, even though he's been giving me oral s** for a long time now. I love this guy so much but I'm just scared of having s** now. I promised him when I start College we'll have s** but I don't know how true I am. What if my family finds out: will I be seen as a w****? Should I do it because I want to? What if he leaves me after a while? He promised he'd never, that we have a future together. Please I need your advice.

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  • Be honest with him about how you feel. You wouldn't like it if he was telling you had a future together and thinking ,"I don't know how true I am". I get the impression (and I could be wrong,only you know the truth) that you really like that he ,"Treats you like a queen and supports you" but that you don't want to have s** with him. If that's the case then it is not right. You wouldn't want someone using you would you? Be HONEST. With him and yourself. There are 150,000,000 men in the country. There is a situation that is what you need out there. You just have to find it. When you do you won't have feelings of guilt or sadness.

  • hy dunn think to do s** wd him if he truly luvs uh thn he wil wait for uh till marriage

  • haha.....ask him how many girls has he f***** first.

  • your boyfriend will have strong sexual desires yes, and you are so nieve to think he is not having s** just because you havnt fuked him. you have made a mistake by having bf from another city, he will almost definitely be f****** other girls, im sure he likes you but trust me he is. just coz he acts nice doesn't mean he is nice...your too young and nieve to understand this. if u have s** with him...tell him u caught a sexual disease and it must be from him because u only f** him, the truth will possibly come out from him. tell him its chlymidia.

  • I have had a similar situation, so this once my bf plans to visit my cityy and we went to a hotel, just like you my plans were only to have oral s** ,handjobs ,etc but to be protective since we did a lot of rubbing I told him to bring a condom that time, as soon as we started he told me he wanted to have s** and that nothing would happen, it just happened and we had s**. We have been together for 3 years and both love each other, and having s** didn't make him leave me or didn't create any tensions between us, it made us more comfortable and we still love each other
    If a guy has enough potential to control his sexual desires just until you are ready, he definately loves you. My boyfriend waited 3 years of His life to have me ready for it and I really respect him for that
    If u really care about your parents, just be carefull, act normal and plan a safe meeting

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