Married b****

Im a married man and i cant get the thought of sucking another mans c*** out of my head
.. then him using it to make me his f***** b**** and force me to go further eventually using my ass

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  • You are a sick f***.

  • the other guy was right. married men are such easy targets and they are so flattering since they are leaving their families to come and get on our d****. i love to f*** married men.

  • perversit pervades the land. the king shall hear of it.

  • all you queers are gonna die of aids. good riddance.

  • gay dominant here and i would love to own each and every one of you little secret faggots. i would ruin your a**** your marriages and your lives. i would totally own all of you. theres nothing i love nearly as much as the mouth and ass of a married man. i own four married men right now.

  • I'M a female and I totaly have a thing for watching gay faggots getting f***** and sucked. My boyfriend is starting to question why theres soooo much gay p*** on his cable bill, but I can't help it. I just LOVE to see c*** in another guys mouth, I even fantasies about f****** a guy with a strap, I've always wanted to do that..... I Hope you get all that u need.

    P.s. if I where your wife ide beg u to let me watch


  • You should try taking charge of the relationship and INSIST that he become bi and start taking the meat himself. If he won't, go find a man who will. You are CLEARLY the kind of woman who should control the relationship she has with a man, and you should control every aspect of it, not just the sexual.

    BE THE F****** BOSS, BABY!!

  • I want exactly what you want, and it made me hard when I read the way you said it. It made me hard and so I had to beat off. So I did that. Christ help me, but I do so want to belong to another man who will control me and threaten to wreck my marriage and my family. I want him to do that and I want him to wreck my ass.

  • god yes i am married and i want the same thing to be another mans b****.

  • Don't worry over it: this is not an uncommon fantasy. It's also not uncommon for a married man to follow through on it, as I have. I went with four different men over a period of perhaps 18 months (and several more for one or two nights), and though I enjoyed the s** and the adultery immensely, I couldn't find the thing that I wanted and that you described: a man to control me and to use my dark desires and irresistable impulses against me. Then, one night, in a bar on the very wrong side of town, I met Andrew, and he gave it to me. He was not the best-looking or the best-hung of the many men I had been with and been f***** by (in the throat and in the ass), but he was by far the most powerful. He took over my life and directed my every decision, sexual and otherwise. He controlled my marriage and my family life, always in ways that benefitted him personally, monetarily and time-wise, doing this so I would have more money to spend on him and more time to spend with him. And he did it by threatening to disclose my homosexuality to my wife and children and the world, and threatening to disclose the incredible perversity of the acts in which we engaged as a a couple, some of which are far too perverse to recite in a space even as liberal as this.

    Why am I telling you all this? Simply as an encouragement to you in your own quest for love outside your marriage. You CAN find the sort of controlling man that I found, though it may take some time, as it did with me. On the other hand, you might well walk into a gay bar tonight and walk out as the prize of a man who can give you what Andrew has given me: absolute control by a dominant male who knows how to f*** and how to manipulate and how to blackmail. God knows they are out there; you just have to find the one to whom you belong.

    Good luck to you.

  • Can you handle my big c***? Ah, doesn't matter. You'll get used to it.

  • become a Catholic will be all the boy ass you want

  • ahahahahahaha

  • ...It happens...

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