I had an o***** at the great wolf lodge

I was in the hot tub at the Great Wolf Lodge and I came across a very fast jet that was set high up.
I sort of positioned myself so that it hit my c*** and I just stayed like that for a few hours- it was HOT!!! Nobody was in the hot tub the first time because the waterpark had just opened, but a few ppl came later and I didn't stop. OH MY GOD I do it every time I go there!!!!!

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  • WTf I go in that hot tube all the time when I'm their f*** I could have been their

  • ME TOO.

    I Looooooooove Hotub Jets. The sensation that it gives you is world shattering. Every girl needs to try it.

    No one ever suspects cause I am quiet in public ;)

  • Ihave done it it Before and Moaned loud and acted like the jets felt good witch they did ;) and being im a 14 year old girl so nobody supected a thing ;)

  • I totally j******* in the indoor water park bathroom at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells.

  • uty7tyii

  • LMAO that's super funny, wish I had the b**** to do that but I know how I am when I get an o***** and I'm afraid ide give myself away. Lol .... Ive thought about it before though. Because those jets feel really good on my p****.

  • awesome. i have always wanted to stick my d*** in one

  • I'm def bringing the wife there next year.

  • Lol that's hilarious

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