I want to f*** my step brother...

We both found out we liked each other and started kissing and ect...but we didnt actually sleep together the worse thing i did was give him a hand job. Latley ive been so horney all i want to do is get soapy and walk into hes room and .... Some dirty things that i dont have time to write. I dont know if we still feel the same way anymore cause i stopped it like a year ago as i liked someone else. I know its naughty but thats what makes me even wetter. I need to know what to do i want him so bad. Im getting sensations just writing about this! I dream about f****** him and sucking him off and it feels so right but when im about to do it i realise how wrong it is. I know we arnt related but my dad is with hes mom so it doesnt feel right....Some advice please.

And p.s the soapy bit is for me to walk into hes room all wet from a shower and him grab me up a wall and start f****** me saying that im a dirty and naughty girl basically. In short terms.

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  • Why do you keep telling yourself it's wrong? Don't you know it's only wrong if you believe it's wrong. Stop denying your true beliefs

  • Ican help ur problem!!!;)

  • You're a f****** idiot. Shut up

  • I'm a girl and it made me horney reading your thoughts. Now I can always tell u what would be the right thing to do but lets be honest, if your always having thoughts like that then your not gonna feel better untill you finally f*** him and get it out of your system.... That's usually how reality goes wrong or right. Lol .... It's wrong but c** on, having the "right" s** is boring sometimes! So I guess I'm just telling u that I would if I where u..... but I'm not telling u that u should b/c I don't wanna be held responsible lol ....

  • He's a guy, he'd probably like it and wouldn't complain. But in reality, aside from the naughty things you want to do with/to him, there is a relationship at stake. You two live together and most likely will be in each others lives for quite some time. So sleeping with him even once may complicate things. Do you want a one night stand? or NSA? Or will you want more? will he? You really don't know, but for most woman, no strings doesn't work well. And this guy is going to be around for awhile, it may be hard to escape him if a romance comes into play.. especially if it doesn't work out, will you be okay if he gets a gf or if you get a bf? . If he hasn't made any indication that he's still interested. Maybe you haven't thought that far ahead..just something to think about..

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