I'm a f****** looser

I'm 34 year old guy... I'm fat, i have a lousy low payed job, i don't have a girlfriend and i'm totally f****** ashamed of myself... I tried to change all of that like 100 times but haven't done anything... I only had 2 gf in my life because i'm fat and i'm even ahsamed to go near good looking girls.. Tried to focus on work, but failed there as well.. Fat guy, embarrassed of myself, with lousy job, no money and i'm a f****** failiure... Now i even don't want to try anything any more cause i'm tired... That's what a fuckup is supposed to be like anyway

Aug 16, 2012

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  • get high f*** b****** duuuhhh
    oh or become gay! :D

  • It's viscous cycle, when you're not feeling good about yourself everything else seems to look even more dismal. And it's easy to forget that sometimes you just have to be grateful for the problems you do have. Because it could, be A LOT worse. It does sound like you're depressed - like the other commenters pointed out, and seeing a doctor and medication could definitely help. Even seeing a life coach or hiring a personal trainer may help you set some personal goals that you can attain offer you a brighter outlook on life. Exercise and diet are important for weight loss, but if you don't deal with why you eat then anything you try isn't won't last. For now, work on yourself..find a routine that works for you and that you enjoy, take classes at a community college to see about changing your career. You'll find that girl when you're ready.

  • easy to fix you....search youtube.com....eft tapping self-esteem....just do it

  • Go talk to your doctor about some medical help. I believe you're depressed. Get that fixed before trying to fix your weight or job.

  • yes i agree

  • This is precisely the right answer. You're going to get a lot of responses here, some well-intentioned, most not, but the response appearing above is your best first step. As for work, you need to find something to do that you enjoy, no matter what the pay rate is, and then do it a lot, even volunteering for overtime. That's how you build pleasure in your work and confidence in yourself. Things are not, not, not as bad as they seem.

  • Life sucks then you die.

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