What can I use as a*** toys?

I'm a young guy and I like to occasionally play with my a****** when I'm masturbating and I need suggestions as to what would feel good inside me. Unfortunately a regular d**** or something similar isn't really available to me seeing as I live with my family and there's no way I could buy a d**** and keep it hidden. I've used my hairbrush and because the handle is curved it makes a good butt plug but I'd prefer something round. I recently tried one of the huge cucumbers that was in the fridge, and though it hurt at first it eventually felt AMAZING and I came so hard. But that was one of the rare times I have the house to myself to be able to walk around naked holding a cucumber.

I would be very grateful to hear suggestions from a*** lovers or just h**** girls on what you use to get off with.

Aug 16, 2012

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  • My c*** if you are yung, I only like under 13

  • Pickels are ok if you heat them in the microwave first. Best to get a small vibrating d**** and hide it.

  • Ty a Flashlight or a fat pen or a unused candel . I am 14 and love to m********* so i know i am also a girl usually i just focus on my c*** so i dont have any more answers sorry.

  • Hi my name is benny do u want to f***. If do Gmail me bennyma9915@Gmail.com

  • Hmmm. I would go to the grocery store and look for hairbrushes. There are lots of different handles on them. Or just go explore your neighborhood Walmart and keep an open mind.

  • Have you tried the family cat ? They're always climbing into trash cans so smelling like s*** would be completely easy to explain off.

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