Wife wearing her friends panties!!

My wife and her friend who is very hott both 23 have the same panties and size so i swaped them and cant get the thought out of my head that my wife is unaware she is wearing her friends panties all day at work and will have them on tonight as i try to play with them on her!! how hot is this to you guys??

Aug 16, 2012

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  • I swap my gfs panties with her moms. Then I rail her

  • I put my ex girlfriends panties in my girlfriends drawer and one day we cleared her draw out... she never threw them away so i mentioned they were cute.. she ended up wearing them a few days later and then continued to wear them throughout our relationship having no idea they weren't hers.. even wore them on my birthday.. i loved seeing her in them

  • Wow this is so hot. I once stole a pair of panties from a hot coworker and slipped them on to my wife when she fell asleep after a night of drinking. I took pictures and jerked off really hard and came on her! So hot.

  • Omg sooo hot love it but like the other guy i too have a huge panties fetish just LOVE PANTIES!!!

  • I think it's very hot, but as i have a massive fetish for panties, I would.

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