What the h*** is wrong with me!!! smh

Okay I come from a Christian family and ide be the last person anyone would expect to hear this from. ... I enjoy watching satanic p***! And I feel soooo fuking horrible BUT I KEEP DOING IT!!! I really need help! Because its like, i want to stop but then again I really don't but I'm scared for my soul, I feel like I'm calling satanic spirits upon myself just from watching it. Smh. ..... SO gone ahead and give me ure opinion on how CRAZY u think I am lol

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  • Te first person who answered is right. It's precisely because it's taboo that makes it exciting for you.

    I'm going to tread carefully here because I don't want to offend your faith, but doesn't seem more likely that it's your natural biological urges combined with curiosity and the excitement of the forbidden that's at work here rather than "satanic spirits"? If you feel that what you're doing is wrong, then you need to stop. Cold turkey. Get rid of your p***. Exercise some self-discipline. But I don't think you should be terrified that you are going to h*** because you watched p***. Your faith holds that Jesus forgives sins - he's forgiven murderers and rapists and all kinds of horrible people, don't you think he'll forgive you?

  • Ys i almost agree with what you are saying. you see i know exactly what to do to break away from my bad habbit but i also know its easer said then done. i guess the real question here is do i really and "truely" wish to stop and i guess thats actualy what scares me the most. i also know that God forgives all who sincerely repent so im aware that im not going to h*** BUT THATS ONLY IF i repent and truely mean it when reality is i dont think that will be my last time doing it. so i dont wanna repent unless im going to stop. its like saying your sorry repeatedly but still dousnt make it right if i keep doing it. My urges to do things that are forbidden of the bible come from satan so therefore yes i would call them satanic spirits, theres so many names for it but thats how i see it.

  • Check out Dirty Girls Ministries.

  • Ll really?

  • What, exactly, IS satanic p***??? Just out of sudden curiosity.

  • Wll satanic p*** has all the things regular p*** has except it includes blaspheme and sometimes satanic practices worshipping satan himself. ... it would include things like p****** on the bible, burning the bible, masterbating with the cross, unholy nunns having s**, even pregnant nunns, .....ect thats how i see it

    google (s** with satan), gives very good examples, or "bad" should i say lol

  • You're not crazy. Not even slightly. The material that interests you is "taboo" -- that is, forbidden in your faith -- and so it takes on a hue and an appeal that not much else does. If you come from a Christian family, then you know all about the Garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve had one commandment, ONE: eat from any plant other than the tree. What did they do? The urge to do that which they were specifically instructed against was overwhelming, and it overwhelmed them. Their situation and your situation are not simply parallel: they're identical.

    Don't beat yourself up over this. It is, literally, in your genes. And in everyone else's genes, as well. If you're troubled by the content of the material, or feel your viewing of it becoming uncontrollable, talk to an addiction specialist, privately. I'm not saying you're addicted -- you aren't -- but knowing the lay of the land and the outer borders of it may help in controlling the impulses.

    Good luck.

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