I just left my love of my life because he has a small p****

He was always the one that got away and sometimes i regret losing him cause of my stupidity but s** is really a big deal to me i cannot be with someone who sucks at s** . girls have needs to and i'm a girl and i need lots of it

Aug 18, 2012

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  • Oh please........... stupid reply

  • HHmmmmm the truth must hurt.....

  • Yeah I guess if you have a big, loose, over used streched out hole you'ed need a bigger d*** to get satisfaction.... but pretty soon that streched out c*** of yours won't be able to satisfy anyone either, because your gap will be to wide and that p**** won't provide a firm tight sensation for any size d*** anymore, then you'll be the one to be tossed aside just like you did your boyfriend.

    P.S. better get it while you still have some elasticity left in that loose hole!

  • Ha ha, that was a good one, sounds very logical and true! bro you sound like one smart n****... that's why most men like to go for the young girls especially the ones who haven't had children yet, because there's still plenty of elasticity left in them women....

  • A small p**** is quite a big deal, especially if you've had experience of a larger one. But if there's still "heat" in the relationship and you're both sexually attracted to each other, I would try and work around the p**** issue. Try more oral s**.

  • Wll that was silly then! My bf has a small p**** but I'm not leaving him because of that

  • Same here I've had bigger than my present boyfriend but I wouldn't leave him for that.

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