A f*** for 10 bucks a night!!!

Yeah! so this was me!
i used to feel really embarassed about it obviously...!
it was just my mom and me at home and we weren't well-off..
this guy offered to buy me nice things if i "spent some time with him"...
truth is, he never once took me out for shopping or for dinner. i was almost 18, had a nice guy for a boyfriend who didn't know the s*** i was upto...
i wanted nice things just like other girls in my age group... he would just give me 10 dollars every time he f***** me. i would feel horrible and dirty but when i felt the currency in my hand, it made things better. i did it with him for about 4-5 months after which he introduced me to this other older man probably in his late 40's who was willing to pay 100 dollars for a few hours. i didnt know the truth st first... the first guy told me that this older man was willing to pay for my expenses... i didn't realise he meant i had to sleep with him first... i accepted the money but didn't sleep with him... later he started demanding his money back but i never returned the cash.
about two months ago,[now im 27] i slept with this small-time movie producer who paid me a 100 dollars for three hours [two rounds of f****** and a b******]. i didn't have the money to pay rent and i couldn't come up with another solution...
i hated myself so much, felt so fearful that someone might come to know of my shame, that i'm SO poor and ill-educated that i can't even make rent money on time.

but this morning, i didn't care anymore.
i told myself "f*** it"!
so i was a prostitute! so what???

keeping secrets, regrets and guilty feelings make ur life S***.
i'm a happier young woman now and i love me more :)

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  • My mum used to let a man use her for £8 a time. She only charged me £1 for a b******, handjob or sexual intercourse. She said she had to charge me something because that was her job. She didn't work Sundays, so I always got it free then.

  • Sweetheart

    dont be so upset

    in everyones life there are some situation, it goes out of hands

    just be carefull now

  • Two dolla 4 suckie suky

  • Where are you? We can help each other. Tell me your email address...

  • W****.

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