S** with the ex!!!

I cheated on my ex husband with the guy I'm with now.
I divorced my husband and ended up with my lover aka the actual boyfriend that I am with now.Nut me and my ex hubby started having s** lately and its the best even though I am the other woman because he has a girlfriend.I know that we can be together only problem is my boyfriend won't let that happen being he's the obsessive type. My boyfriend and and ex hubby never knew each other but my ex knew about him being my bf was one of my affairs that I had. I love having s** with my ex husband and I don't wanna quit and I'm willing to end up pregnant to keep him by my side and make him dump his girlfriend that hes not so serious about.

I think it's either I be the other woman or become the woman and the only way I know how is by having his kid...I love my ex more than I love my current boyfriend.
What should I do??any suggestions being I wanna leave my boyfriend but I don't know how I tried different ways and s*** doesn't seem to work at all with him.

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  • Dude, you're just f***** up all around. F*** you for even thinking of using an innocent baby as leverage. You're a f****** sub-human, congrats. Close your legs and learn how to use punctuation.

  • Stay the other woman. You are in it for the thrill of being the other woman, and having the affair. Nothing wrong with that, just don't mistakenly call it something it's not.

  • Don't use an innocent child as a tool. That is the most selfish thing you can do. It is clear you are not at all ready to be a mother.

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