M best friend is a compulsive liar and an absolute b****.

I makes me sick to watch her lie to others about her life. She has no self esteem and she always brings me down. She lies about her family, her inelegance, everything. The girl can't say one truthful thing. And she writes s*** about me all the time on tumblr, calling me a horrible person when she is the manipulative b****. God help me rid my life of this b****. I hate the girl I call my best friend.

Aug 25, 2012

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  • I also had a friend like this, but she didn't lie about me, just lied to me about everything. I think she really has a problem, medical one. I couldn't listen to her anymore, so I cut her out of my life. I'd rather live without her than listen to her lie to my face.

  • Dont know how old this is, but if you are still in need of advice, here it is and it is pretty simple. First, i give this advice as one who was in the EXACT same situation not too long ago, but wont bore you with my story. Simply put= WALK AWAY FROM THEM, IGNORE THEM and HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. Life is too short for that kind of drama and stress. Obviously this person does not give a damn about you to put you thru all of that, this person does not deserve to have a good friend and until they get their own life in order and get happy with them self, they will never be a good friend and as rotten as it sounds, it is not your job to fix them. They have to fix their self. Harsh? Maybe but unless you are willing to ruin your own life for them (and it still wont help them, you both will be miserable), then you have to walk away - keep them in your prayers - but walk away. I learned the hard way and almost lost everything - You will save your self a lot of heart ache and problems if you choose to learn from my mistakes - Good luck to you

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