S** with married man

I'm 18 years old and I have a boyfriend now who is 33 and we started as an affair. I was single back then but he was married. He is in the military and was stationed in Germany when we met. He is back in the States now and still married to his wife but he told her that he loves me and want a divorce so he can be with me. Before everyone judges I am not with him so I can go to the States. I feel horrible. I ruined a marriage. Words cannot explain how sorry I am. I love him but sometimes I wish he would just go back to his wife so I wouldn't feel so horrible. Apparently they had issues before he met me and I heard she cheated on him as well before. And I was told (not only by him himself) that she gave him a free pass while he is here in Germany. She once sent me a messages thanking me for saving her from an abusive marriage but I'm sure she is hurt and all and I feel like s***. Actually I am a piece of s***. I never thought I'd do something like that and I don't regret anything more than starting this with him. Smetimes I just wanna leave him cause the way we started is just not the right way to start a relationship. Beside that I'm sure he will cheat on me too. I could actually live with that but I can't live with the fact that I ruined a marriage a whole family. I know I deserve the worst and there's nothing I can do about it cause I can't undo what I did. I'm a horrible person.

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  • You're worried over nothing. Everybody cheats, and it's not a big deal like it was fifty years ago or even ten: it's just s**, so enjoy it, because that is totally what it's for. The wife is on her own; she's totally not your responsibility or your problem. Ignore her and her pain. But if you're considering marrying this man, you have to be sure that you love him and that he loves you. Do you? Does he? If either answer is "no" or "I'm not sure", don't marry him. Wait and see what it becomes.

  • Do not worry. This man will cheat (maybe beat) also on you, so all this problem will be well balanced.

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