My parents were part of a christian

My parents were part of a christian cult.
in this cult it was okay for adults to molest the children,
my sister and brother were molested, outraged i confronted my parents about it, who insist they knew nothing about it, and said that they would have never allowed it to happen in their "home"
i my sister is so amazing, so strong.
but someone times i feel angry, and then i start to question her version of events, because my parents cant think of when it could have occured.

what makes me most sad, and this thought brings me to tears within seconds (2 years after knowing)
is that i am more upset that my parents arn't my hero's anymore.
i used to love my person more than i loved myself.
now i feel like i can never love them as much anymore.

im sad that that pathetic thought has haunted me for so many years even though my sister still suffers living with so much pain and shame.

i hate god for allowing it to happen to her, why couldn't i carry the pain

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  • -----------------> i bet it was alot of fun f****** your young little hairless p****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • go to therapy it helps to talk to someone and let it all out. or if you don't want to pay then just talk to a real close friend. that won't judge and whatnot.
    good luck sweety.

    don't listen 2 the idiots.

  • There are a lot of mean-spirited people on this website. I'm not one of them. Have you tried any counselling? Just asking. It helps.

    About God, I believe He is good and wise. Wiser than we can understand in this world. Yes, you and your sister suffered. God lets a lot of people suffer in this world. But know this: He cares about the pain that you feel. He is not a monster. But He lets us humans pretty well do what we want, but He will judge everybody for their actions, you and me included.

    If He were to stop that cult, then He would have to stop that rapist, that thief, that liar, that pedophile. He will stop them all someday in fact. All at once. It's called Judgment Day.

    In the meantime, we live by faith that God is good and wise. Jesus suffered more than we can possibly imagine, and so He certainly understands our suffering.

    I know this experience has turned you off on God obviously, but don't let human beings distort God's true character.

  • I was apart of this cult as's called "The Family"

  • okay now im p***** off!
    i write on this friggin website, so that I can get it off my chest, and so that maybe someone can give me advice...but instead i open the page and some dumb a****** has written that it's "probably a lie"
    listen d*******, get a f****** life! the only reason you think it "probably a lie" is because you spend all your time on the computer sitting...reading...about other people's lives that you find it hard to believe when something happen that involves more than a couple clicks ont he mouse pad..
    DONT F*** WITH ME D******* IM ANGRY.
    read my post again, knowing that it's true and see what it must be like living my life. Tell you what doesn't help....the opinions of fat idiots with nothing better to do with themselves then look up other peroples secrets, then add insensitive pathetic comments....It's my fault though...obviously....what was i expection from some post a secret site.
    Good luck all mourners, f*** off all idiots!

  • 'Sup Tender Branson?

  • probably a lie

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