Weird or h****??

I used to m********* in school everyday, anywhere and everywhere it was so exciting i almost got caught a few times hehe. no one was at school this day just my class for an exam so after it everyone left and i felt like a wander i knew the place was empty exept a few staff n i knew id be going to pick a place to pleasure myself , i went to my art teachers class on 3rd floor and took my trousers off and underwear and masturbated freely in the room with the door open, i wandered around like this then fuked the cushion she sits on and came on it, i was so exited by this whole incident and satisfied because i fancied my teacher, i wanted to f** her ass! i knew her ass had been on that cushion probably sweating ect oh god! and shed sit on my c** next time she was in XD am i weird or extremely h**** hehe im so bold!!! f** it only live once i wish i could go back :( sexyxxxxx

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  • I wonder what the teacher would have done if i'd told her i wanted s** with her......

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