You approve the fuking s**** retarded stories alot of c**** write on here, so why not mine when it is a true fuking story! you bastards really p*** me off!!! my confession had nothing in it that would break your rules! if u thought it was fake then ur very retarded! u let fake s*** on here cuz ive read it before

Sep 2, 2012

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  • Well if it was anything like this post, let me just say it takes talent to make that many spelling and grammar errors in the space of five lines...

  • Shut up daft c*** fuking die of cancer fuking rat p****, you got nothing better to do than make pointless comments, its a confession post not an english exam u total b******

  • Poor defensive little mental defective. It's a simple concept: If you're going to use a keyboard, have a basic understanding of your native language.

    Spelling and grammar "trolls" like us are only holding losers like you to the same standards as others do in other areas of life. Do you want an unqualified doctor treating you? Do you want to see a 450-pound homeless person modeling underwear for Abercrombie & Fitch? Same premise. See the first paragraph above if you have difficulty putting the pieces together.

    Too bad stupidity isn't fatal. Although if you're this foul IRL, it may be eventually. The rest of us can only hope...

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