F*** you b****

There is so much I want to say to you. First of all, f*** you thinking that I am not good enough for an Ivy League college. The only reason you would get in is because your mother works there. Second of all, f*** you for trashing NHS when I got in and say it is stupid and then applying for it. I really hope you don't get in you b****. Stop thinking that you are better than me because you take advanced science classes because I AM NOT GOING INTO SCIENCE AS A CAREER. Stop flaunting your hospital uniform around school, it's hideous. I hate how when I was the vice-president of our club that I had to do everything and that when you were vice-president you didn't do anything and just sat on your lazy ass all day. I remember we were good friends and then you messed it all up. F*** you and shut up.

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  • Hard work and perseverance do pay off. Then later in life all the lazy slouches have to rely on the hard workers. And if you know how and when to say "no" or say "I want what's mine" then they end up in the mail room while you pitch next concept material to the board and lock in your seat at a fulfilling job. Don't sweat lazy morons who have everything handed to them. Stay focused. Good luck.

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