S** with someone I barely new

I was in class and I got leena to come over to my desk because I had a plan. When leena came over there was a paper someone was about to pass to me, leena was wearing a very open shirt and if she got the paper I'd see right down her shirt. I did this and she caught me and said "like what you see?" I was a bit embarrassed and said yeah. Then what she said next was surprising she said "your going to  come to my house sometime tomorrow and f*** me." "And whoever  cummes first looses." I couldn't wait. Then I over heard her talking to a friend that same day and she said that she had forgotten that her parents left for vacation so I came up and whispered in her ear. "Your parents are on vacation which means I can f*** you after school." she smiled and said "cool." After school she and I walked home and she said "how do you like high school." I said "you know, still boring as h***." It got silent for a minute and I said "you don't even know the massive b**** I have right now." She smiled and laughed. We got to her house and went in her bedroom and she said "okay strip down" I watched her take her clothes off she had nice round b**** and a juicy shaved p****, she was the perfect German (she was a sophmore and I was a freshmen she had been in America for 3 years and has blue eyes blond hair and an amazing body) we did doggy style for a while and we both came at the same time so we tried again and she won. We were both exhausted  and she got us something to eat and then talked then I left and before I left she told me that this would be happening again.

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