I am a c*********

I am a masculine white male. Recently I meet another male to preform oral s** on. He picked me up in his truck and drove to a secluded location. Once there we got out and went to a wooded area. I got down on my knees and John undid his pants, dropped those and his underwear. His thick hard c*** popped out and I took it into my mouth and started to suck, and lick. I worked on him about 20 minutes. We went back to his truck and I continued to suck him off, and j*** him off. He came and I swallowed. I am a c*********.

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  • Eh, who cares.

    The problem is that macho tards like you are so in denial all the rest of the time that you treat other people like crap because YOU can't deal with the fact that YOU like C***.

    Get your emotional s*** together and you'll be golden. Keep being a testosterone-driven hypocrite and people like me just might end up seeing that you get what you deserve.

  • Nothing hotter than a guy with a c*** in his mouth. I love being a c*** sucker. I could suck c*** all day. This afternoon I sucked a black c*** for 4 hours straight.

  • I agree. A black sounds very appealing. Thnx for sharing.

  • SOMEONE HAS TO BE A C*********

  • I like to worship mens c**** in public toilets at urinals and suck them off until they give me their lovely warm load down my gay married throat !

  • The taboo of being a c********* is awesome.

  • I could suck other guys c**** 24/7 !

  • Sucking another guys c*** is f****** awesome turn on, especially if your married and go home & kiss wife after.

  • I agree Neil. After I suck a c*** and take the load I swirl the c** around my mouth. When I go home and kiss my wife I amusingly think, she has no idea she is tasting some guys c*** and I just had his c** in my mouth. Really hot.

  • Nice

  • I am a h*** mother f***** too

  • I love the taboo of it

  • H*** m***********

  • Thnkx, I love those things

  • Good on you :)

  • Super nice! Nothing better than having ur c*** sucked by another man.

  • Sucking another man off is awesome

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