I just b***** hate everything

I feel like running away. Away to where i can be free. free to be myself and away from the tight grip of my life. I'm sick of school, i'm sick of seeing people, i'm sick of putting on the same uniform every morning to go see the people that i see every f****** day. I'm sick of my family, i'm sick of my so called "friends". I'm sick of myself. I feel so disgusted everytime i stare at the mirror. I wanna push my teachers down the stairs and burn the school down. I hate everything. More like i need to run away. all the while smoke a blunt. I'm sick of all the complainers, all the sterotypes, all the feelings that come with being a teenager. Sick of staying in love with the same person for 4 years and they don't even care. All the girls that fan themselves over him and talks to every single one of them. All the boys
and girls that give him the attention. all the times where it was just him and i are gone and why Lord can't i just accept that? why is it this one boy makes me feel so weak in the knees and his memory i cannot let go? I'd shoot myself in the head but i don't wanna be the devil's lodger. but then again its not like i'm gonna be God's neighbor

Sep 10, 2012

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