Still l*** after my ex...

I am a man in my early 30's, living with my partner to whom I have been engaged for several years, and we have two children together. I've tried convincing myself that I'm happy in every way, but the truth is that I've been fantasizing about one of my ex-girlfriends the whole time. This girl had a body that drove me wild, and the thought of it still does. She had a pretty face, 34D b******, and knew how to talk dirty better than anyone I've ever met. She was never scared of public affection, in fact I remember she once walked up to me in the middle of a crowded bar, grabbed my hand and pushed it down the front of her panties to show that she'd just shaved her p**** for me (she also went down on me in front of one of my friends). The s** was awesome and she wasn't afraid to experiment. Sure, there were bad times, hence why we broke up, but I will always remember her as the h**** temptress that got away. I hate the thought of cheating on my fiancée, but I often wish that fate would just throw the two of us together again, if only for one more night...

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  • I have had the same thoughts about an ex-GF. She was the first person that really "got me" and we had a really intense relationship.

    But, what I realized is that she was a metaphor. She represented a time when things were easier in my life and I had a level of freedom that I just don't have now or ever again. It was just us, we were in our late 20's and all the issues of family/mortgage/lack of free time didn't exist.

    The reality is that had you stayed together you'd be dealing with the same relationship/family/mundane issues you have now, except with her.

    What I realized is that I missed being in my late 20's and what I was doing at that age. She was the representation of that time and place. Reality is that it's today and you can't dwell on what was.

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