42 with a 4.5 inch p****

I have a small, thin p****. At 4.5" long x 4.35" around, it's the same size as when I measured it when I was 12. In addition, my b**** are really small, too. Statistics say they should be about the size of a walnut, but mine are closer to the size of almonds. I've been ridiculed by many women for this both in-person and behind my back. I'm fairly good-looking and stay in good shape, so getting women into bed wasn't a problem. It was keeping them after I had s** with them that was the problem. "It's really small" they would say, or "Is it in yet?" I would also come really fast - like within 3 minutes, sometimes less. Then they would tell their friends and laugh. It used to bother me but it totally turns me on now. I guess if I can't beat them, join them.

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  • I am like you but around 5”. I could almost easily pick up the hottest girls wherever I went. They liked my physical appearance, my facial smile (dimples) but after a few sexual sessions it was usually over. Then before I got serious I would ask the females what some of their past lovers were packing. Many would say six, seven even 8+. And yes they said size and stamina really mattered. So I just used to sexually satisfying them orally. Even my wife now has admitted I was the second smallest ever. She admitted she would have s** with a guy and if he was small or came quickly she would move on. But she actually was a size queen. Yes she was one of those who would wait for one of her big c*** lovers to call her to come over. She even did this to me while dating something I didn’t even know about till around 6 mos later. She had a thing for tall fit black or white guys. I even used to catch her exchanging smiles. I finally told her I wanted to move on and she came back running saying she loved me. I’m sure she’s snuck in extra c*** over the years with Facebook but so have I

  • That is very cruel and dehumanizing for these women to call you out during s**. I was with 2 guys, years apart, who I believe had a medical or physical impairment. Straddling on top was kind of like having s** with a girl. I just felt a little awkward and was glad I had been drinking. The first guy was shy and insecure. He was from a very wealthy family and good looking. He was also down to earth. The second guy got really excited and was moaning and getting off during this. I just didn't really know what to do because he was not able to penetrate, and I was just kind of squashing him in the crotch. I think both guys married and were able to work things out by compensating with their personalities and good looks. The 2nd guy is now dating a girl who I think is anorexic. I've known women with eating disorders who are not comfortable being naked. Also, if you date a girl on anti depressants like Prozac they often have no libido or ability to have an o*****.

    My ex-fiancé was small to me, and he would say things like it's the motion of the ocean not the size of the boat or it's the magic in the magician not the size of the wand. I'm a big critique though because I lost my virginity to a guy who was like p*** star size. So, I thought all guys were huge. I also prefer uncircumcised. I've read that there are surgery options, but that may have to be at a young age. I would take a guy eating me out over s** any day of the week!! I watched a movie about paraplegics and they all said hey you got to eat your woman right.

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