That touching my nipples makes me so h****! They say bigger b**** and nipples are not as sensitive as smaller ones, but mine are almost too sensitive and I'm a 36 DD with big sized nipples.
If a guy even pinches them slightly or licks or sucks them, I would lose all control and won't be able to say no. I have even came before by just having my nipples sucked.

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  • That is wonderful your p**** must be hyper too

  • Well, I am a guy and my nipples are very, very sensitive, so I think it all depends on the person!

  • Have you ever hit your head or twisted your neck? get your heart checked out. it could be a medical problem. and if you havent had kids yet you will regret it.

  • Right cause having sensitive nipples means you have a medical condition.....jesus christ.

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