Pot noodle s**

Was in from work and couldnt be bothered to cook , so opted for a bombay bad boy flavoured pot noodle , kettle boiled i poured the water over the noodles and left them to soften , well i ended up falling asleep and when i woke the noodles were cold , but for some strange reason the sight of them made my p**** erect and before i knew it i had cold spicy pot noodle all over my hard c*** and started to m********* i even shove a small handfull of them up my ass hole , i eventualy reached an earth shattering climax and e********* in to the noodles then i ate them and pulled the rest from my ass and ate them too. i now feel utterly disgusted by my actions but since this has happened i have tried it again and love it

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  • Oh wow this brings back so many memories of when I used to this myself but that was back in the 80’s when pot noodles had little pieces of soya in kinda like bits of meat , the feeling of having a red hot piece of soya lodged down your Japanese iris is awesome and you can’t help but e********. Sadly these days your more likely to get a freeze dried pea stuck down there , still mildly erotic but nothing like the old days

  • Reading this has turned me on so much to the point that I have just took a tin opener to a can of macaroni cheese and guess what ??? I have my fully erect p**** inside of the tin f****** away at it making it spill over the sides pumping it full of my rich nutritious s**** can’t wait to taste it

  • That is so f****** erotic I’m gonna get my daughter to spit a mouthful of chewed up lobster tails and beef inside of my aromatic ass hole then I will let it drip out and rub it in to her swollen c******* using small delicate circular movements she is 5 by the way

  • I’d love to insert some uncooked spaghetti down my ureatha and leave it overnight then in the morning hopefully it will have softened and I can p*** it out and eat it

  • You naughty little perverted beast mind you sometimes I do enjoy smearing cold mashed potatoes all over my nipples then I like to insert raw chicken in my v***** and leave it there to rot

  • Maybe you and me should meet up and abuse each other's a*** holes with piping hot sweet n sour pot noodles I will even let you eat some off my c***

  • WTF Bombay bad boy flavour ? you f****** depraved pervert .Stick with beef and tomatoe.

  • Omg god reading this had made my p**** soaking wet my panties are drenched !!!!!!. Im gonna go in the kitchen and see what food i can stuff into my c*** im thinking maybe prawns or cheese

  • You perverted noodle f***** , why dont you c** on a slice of thick white crusty bread and smear it all over your ass then eat it ?

  • Amazing. i'm into that too.

  • LOL.... More Power To You Dude! Whatever Turns You On... Go For It.

  • What a complete steaming pile of s***.

  • You are one sick f***!

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