F***, I'm tired of being a virgin.

I'm feel like loser all them time. I'm 21 years old, and I've never had s**, or hold a relationship for more than 4 months. I think I should just die alone or something, worlds getting along just fine without me. I'm just not that good with relationships. I feel worse everyday.

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  • Go to a prozzy

  • Have you tried s**? I hear it's great for getting rid of that irritating virginity. I wouldn't know though, I'm an asexual spherical object, don't really have much time, or need for s**, if you manage to have s**, can you let me know what it's like please? Although I have no idea how you'll explain s** to a sphere, f*** knows how I'm typing.

  • Nawwwww thats sad :(

    are you hot?

  • Dude, all I can say is this - better a 21-year-old virgin than a 16-year-old who will forever regret their first time because they rushed into it. Don't feel like it's a race, or it may ruin your life. I was 20 when I lost mine (not for lack of trying!), and I still have a slight regret about how it happened. Don't let it stress you out...

  • Go f*** somebody...problem solved. Don't waste you best years sitting at a computer.

  • You are a young lady with a lot of pressure on your shoulders from the outside world. Don't give up hope! It is a BLESSING you are 21 and a virgin! A man that loves you is going to be soo happy to take your virginity one day, that is a true gift. Be thankful not discouraged! Focus on you and where you're going in life. The rest will follow. Stay positive.

  • Dude. You're probably currently a 4 out of 10 with the potential of being at least a 7 or 8. First, get hot in both physical and mental ways. Hit the gym, eat right. Work on your mind too. Become a person who you'd WANT to be in a relationship with. Nobody else is going to want you if you aren't confident in yourself.

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