Droopy b****

I have massive b**** but they are droopy, not saggy but droopy like they look down, I mean I have loads of volume which is all fine and dandy but I can't stand them drooping!
I hate myself for it, I've never let anyone see them in my whole life...not even during s** and I hate it! I've been told I'm a beautiful girl, Im 33 but I look 23. I'm about 30 pounds overweight but nothing too bad, I will sort my weight out soon but I really want a breast lift but can't afford it :( this has totally made my life s***. I've never felt good about myself, not even once and I think it's important to have that, It's not nice feeling like you can't give yourself to someone fully. I really wish for this one thing over anything else. I'd give up winning the lottery just to have a decent pair of b**** so I could feel good in my own skin for once in my whole life.
Some of you will say, just accept it, but I can't....I've tried believe me. Does anyone have any money they can spare to give me a b*** lift?!! Come on!! I know I'm not a starving child in Africa but I've put up with feelings of inadequacy since I was 12 when they started growing that's 21 years of everyday thinking about it and feeling s**** about myself over it..cant someone please help me!!?? If you can email me on jen_howard@ymail.com

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