I have a huge c*******

I mean...freakishly huge. It's almost two inches long when I am aroused. I think it runs in my family. My sister is the same, but hers is a bit smaller. It freaks most men out, but the women at the gym find it fasinating, for some reason.

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  • That’s totally hot

  • There is nothing more beautiful than a huge c*******!! To see it coming out as you lick the girls v***** is really arousing. I love them.

  • I have a big c***, too, and I like to make sure it's sticking out when I'm at the gym as well. I usually do my hair and makeup with a tank top and no panties, and I've made many new friends and had lots of conversations with my ass and p**** showing and my c*** poking out. I love that my friends know what my aroused c*** looks like.

  • That's the hottest ever! Don't be embarrassed, let it be sucked and licked for hours :)

  • There's nothing the matter with having a huge c***. I went out with this woman who had a c*** similar to yours in size. She was incredibly hot, and loved to f***. A lot of fun in bed.

  • Http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/me-my-s**-and-i/ some people are born part way between male and female. In some it presents as an extremely large c*******.

  • Does it bother you? Have you had a negative experience? I personally find it awesome, my wife's is very big and I love it when I see it hard and sticking out. I think it makes our s** life great and she has never had trouble with o*****. She had an experience with a friend in high school who wanted to look at it and ended up playing with it one time.

  • Pics or it didn't happen

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