S** in the burbs

Where to start? I'm 38 and married, my good friend is 37 and married and lives around the corner. We often drink on the weekends - to excess, including the wives, and occasionally, some other friends. a couple years ago it was just me and the other guy, and one of our good friends, a female who was about 23 at the time. we were all completely drunk. Everyone else had gone home or passed out. the 3 of us played a 'strip' version of an xbox game. eventually the 3 of us were naked and were taking turns fooling around with our female friend (no, she wasn't passed out or anything, she was completely willing and awake). My friend f***** her (it wasn't their first time I found out later), and I went down on her.
Fast forward, a year and a half, and similar situation, except this time it's me, my wife, and the same girl all drunk in my bed. i won't go into details, but eventually we stopped before anyone got fully naked.
So over the past two years though, my guy friend, whenever he drinks, gets really 'grabby'...with me. Last time we hung out he all but told me he wants to fool around with me.
Now I can't stop thinking about it.

Our female friend gets married in two days. open bar.

welcome to the burbs.

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  • Do you want to try it? If you are curious I think you should go for it. I wish I could be in situations like that. I am the only single friend out of all my friends and I get really bored. I hear we have swingers clubs but you have to be invited and no one has invited me. So sad.

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