Listen i dont think im the only one but i think im pretty hot, blue eyes, brunet and 18 and im obsessed with s**! I m********* and constently have o****** and when im in the shower i finger my self. Any tips to make me more horney?

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  • Keep masturbating , try asking a guy if you can suck him off while you finger yourself.. this will make your o****** stronger. The more c**** you suck the more you will want. I must have sucked about 27 c****. I'm 23. Its my fantasy to suck BBC. I will do this before I'm 25.

  • Yea i have a way Talk to me i can help aha.

  • The more you do it, the more you want it, I've found. I'm married, so I hesitate to have s** with others, but I'm thinking about it all the time. My wife's cousin is the hottest babe in the world -- bar none! I have about 50 pictures of her, some kind of nudies almost, and I look at those and m********* every day. I love to do it, even though I sometimes feel bad for doing it. I wish I could do you. Where do you live, by the way? I could always think about it :) :). I would just love to exchange some snapshots, too.

  • Flirt with guys and leave them rock hard. Have fun teasing them.

  • Carry on doing what your doing? Or have s** maybe???

  • I'm 21 and I m********* twice a day

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