I f*** too much for my age and makes everybody call me a w**** but I can't help it: I just love to f***. I want to f*** all the time. Like all day, every day. Nobody can stop me, not even my parents. I can't even stop myself. F****** is just too good to stop. I'm not going to ever stop f******.

Sep 20, 2012

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  • What a good girl!

  • You may have a form of hypersexuality. I know that as I have struggled with such. Best to seek some help because you may not see how it can be a risk now but trust me you will. Best to maybe talk to your Doctor and they can see if its a worrying amount where something might be actually be wrong. If not then who cares live your life

  • You may f*** a lot more then the average Joe or Jane for your age but I don't believe anyone can f*** to much and you're not a w**** just because you indulge in s** a little more then others, those people who think that are probably wound up a little to tight themselves because they don't get or hardly get as much s** as they'd like to, but s** does feel great! I remember when I was 10 years old the first time had an o***** while j********** it totally blew my mind made my eyes rolled back into my head and I just lay there savoring the pleasures of human sexuality, from that point on I craved s** and started f****** as often as I could... I'm 52 years old now and still like to f*** a lot, so just enjoy baby girl and let no on get you down.

  • You are so NOT a w****. You're just a girl who loves s**, and that's the way it's supposed to be. S** is for fun, so enjoy it. Enjoy it every time you have it. EVERY time. And have as much as you can possibly have.

  • I'm pretty sure somewhere down the line you're going to
    get an std and I hope you do, you'll learn your lesson.

  • Really!?!? this person sounds like a s** addict (which is a real problem) and you want to judge and condemn them! who the h*** are you to judge! in my opinion this person needs to talk to someone about this problem before it gets out of hand and consumes their life completely. yes s** is good but it can be like a drug to some people and in those cases they need help!

  • And how old are you!!???

  • Maybe you should tell your dad about it? Moms dont understand but dads do. Who knows....maybe he will even want to have s** with you too? s** is good!

  • You are soooooo right. My mom totally does NOT understand and she criticizes me and puts me down for it, and she tells me all the time I'll go to h*** if I don't repent for it and stop it, but I don't listen to her and I don't care what she says and I haven't stopped and I won't. I wish I could talk to my dad about it, but he left when I was little and I haven't seen him since, and there is noooooooooooo way I could EVER talk to my step-dad about it, because that perv has been wanting to hit this ever since before he moved in with me and my mom like 6 yrs ago, and that was just sick and he still wants to hit it but he's not ever getting any. I mean I guess if he bought me a closet of expensive clothes or a car or something I might give him a taste but nothing more than that......he's sick!

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