The poor guy with tampon up his butt

Some of us went to a baseball game last night and one guy who is kind of new to the group is always wearing his pants low without a belt so you can see a good 4 to 5 inches of his underwear. So some of us make some comments about his pants and tell him to pull them up and he just act all cool about it. So I went up behind him and yanked them down around his ankles but his boxer shorts came down too. Of course everyone saw and when he bent over quickly to pull them back up, we clearly saw a tampon and string hanging out of his butt. We all start laughing and he leaves. Now we feel bad.

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  • Write a letter to apologize and ask for his forigvness. And then offer to apologize in person. s*** like that could send him over the edge. he could be feeling suicidal now, so beg his pardon asap. also, tell him u know as fact its likely medical and leave it alone letting him feel slightly relieved .

  • WTF. That is weird, but maybe it was for a medical reason. I would ask him about it, and if it was a medical issue apologize. If it's some weird sexual fetish or something, then I probably wouldn't associate with them anymore, but that's just me.

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