For the last eight months, I’ve been having an incredibly hot affair with one of my husband’s mid-level employees. From the beginning, we’ve gone at it rather heavily and rather frequently, because we just can’t seem to stay off one another, but last week was special. My husband was out of town on business for five nights, Sunday to Thursday, so I concocted a plausible lie for my lover to tell his wife that would get him out of her house for the same period. I couldn’t be away from home – thus, we couldn’t go away together – so he lied to his wife and came and lived with me for a week. It was absolute heaven. We made love morning, noon and night, literally, and did it in every room of the house I share with my husband, and repeatedly in the bed I share with my husband. The s** was phenomenal, even better than it had been between us for the previous eight months, and being taken by this man in my husband’s house – especially in the multiple perverted ways I had him take me – was some deliciously nasty icing on a deliciously nasty cake. The man is not brilliant, nor is he wealthy, and so I’ll never leave my husband for him, even though that’s what he wants, but what he is, is hung like a m************ horse, and I just love that d*** and he just loves my p****. And my mouth. And my ass. He wants to divorce his wife and marry me but that’s not ever going to happen, even though I don’t tell him that: I want him motivated and interested and always ready to perform and always ready to please me. And so far, the man has been totally motivated and totally interested and always performs and always, always pleases me. He thinks I’ll ultimately leave my husband, but he’s wrong. Another thing he wants, though, and that I may very well give him, is an adulterous child. He has three kids with his wife, and I have two with my husband (his are all under 7, and mine are 18 and 22), and even though I’m 41, I could easily still have a child, and somehow the thought of carrying and giving birth to and raising a b****** as though it belonged to my husband arouses me deeply, and it gets me dripping wet whenever I think of it. My lover believes the child would force me to leave my husband and raise the thing with him, but he’s wrong about that, too. I’m not giving up my husband, or his money, or his family’s money. But I’m also not giving up the other man’s d***. I’m going to have it all. ALL.

Sep 20, 2012

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  • "Raise the thing"? The "THING"? You're talking about a human being. You're talking about your own CHILD. I can overlook all your selfish posing about your affairs, but you can't use a baby as a p*** or a tool. Wake up, get therapy, stop being a homewrecker (and a w****), and try to straighten out yourself and your marriage.

  • People use kids as p@wns and tools ALL THE TIME, idiot. You just refuse to see it.

    Also: Confession Post-- P A W N is a bad word? Just...wow. You clutch your pearls over any little thing word oriented, but you're just fine with posting constant fantasies of dudes sniffing toddler knickers. You are part of what is wrong with the world.

  • S***...I hope you get caught and end up homeless.

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