There's first time for everything......right??

Ive been living with my girlfriend for over a year and ive never cheated but a week ago i was out with her at a bar we go to sometimes and i met this super nasty married b**** whose a little older than me and who said she wanted to have a long term affair with a younger man and she wanted it to be me. i gave her my cell number and i thought id never hear from her because she was drunk but she has been calling me like 5-6 times a day or more and doing phone s** with me and telling me to come meet her and get on her. i havent been able to because of work and because of living with my girlfriend but im really thinking about starting up something with her and not just a one time thing but a long term thing like she wants. the s*** she says on the phone makes me think shes maybe the hottest piece of ass in the history of the world and im thinking maybe shes too good to pass up so i think im going to cheat on my girlfriend and even though i was reluctant at first now i just almost cant wait to get with this older b**** because shes so f****** NASTY!!

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  • She calls you 5-6 times a day? Good luck with that, that married b**** is going to make your life miserable. You'll NEVER be able to get rid of her. She sounds stalkerish and desperate. But regardless, since you're so willing to cheat.. you should break up with your girlfriend and move out. She deserves a real man who's actually ready for a commitment. You are clearly not.

  • This guy is right on the money. I decided I would cheat on my girlfriend with her married boss from work, and things were wonderful -- I was living with the g/f and getting with this great-looking older married woman on the side whenever I wanted it, and the b**** was a f****** ANIMAL in the sack -- but after about six weeks, the b**** decides she doesn't want me f****** my girlfriend anymore, and then later decides that she doesn't want me even sleeping in the same bed with her, and then that she wants me to dump the girlfriend and "belong" to her alone. And she's calling ALL the time, and following me, and following my girlfriend, and showing up at my job, and at the apartment, and is telling my girlfriend that I'm f****** GUYS on the side and that I'm blowing guys in men's rooms at bars, and generally going INSANE. You need to be very careful with somebody who is this insistent and persistent: in fact, you're better off not letting that psycho into your life, because they will say or do ANYTHING to get what they want. This b**** wants you and she has you in her sights. Proceed with extreme caution, dude.

  • Arsehole. Enough said.

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