I miss b*******

I have only had a few good b******* in my life.
My ex girlfriend from high school used to give them to me all the time but was usually not very good at them...too affraid of getting anything in her mouth. The night before we left for college she gave me an amazing b****** and that was it. I had a few lousy ones in college and then I met my wife who was pretty good at giving head but never liked it. I could tell she didn't like it and I was so in love with her and respected her so much I didn't want to make her do anything I knew she was uncomfortable with so eventually she stopped and I never asked for it. We have s** all the time and she is amazingly sexy but it has been about 10 years since I have had a b******. Lately I have been having these incredibly vivid dreams where a beautiful woman is sucking my d*** and I wake up craving it. I don't want to ask my wife to do it because I know how she feels about it and I still respect her too much but I can't imagine going the rest of my life without experiencing it again. I have even thought about just paying someone for it but the thought of getting caught terrifies me.

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  • If I hated giving b******* I'd still rather do that than get cheated on. Talk to your wife.

  • Wife asked me to shave chest and pubes. Now I get oral from her.

  • I don't recommend cheating on anyone ever but if you are at least wear a condom so you don't give your wife AIDS. You might still get herpes though.

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